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 DJ Nerd42 Bio

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DJ Name : DJ Nerd42
Registration date : 2008-03-19

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PostSubject: DJ Nerd42 Bio   DJ Nerd42 Bio Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2008 8:14 am

lol! Hi my name is Nerd42 and I'm a musicaholic.

Everyone: HI NERD42!!

I'm an amateur internet basement DJ person who does mashups and fan remixes. this is my web site

About Daft Wash:
so liek 1 tiem i saw this retarded movie SHARK TALE and um i kinda liked teh Car Wash song and then later i thought, "LOL it'd be funE 2 add teh Harder Better Faster Stronger vocals over that" but then it seemed kinda empty without the instrumental there too n stuff. I totally am not a fan of the artist(s) featured in the song (besides daft punk) but I juts did it anyway.

About Canadian Chocobo:
LOL Canadian Chcoobo is teh PWNAGE!! its the mixtape that Daft Wash originally came from download it NOW
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DJ Nerd42 Bio
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