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 Legal Stuff

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RAA Admin

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PostSubject: Legal Stuff   Legal Stuff Icon_minitimeMon Apr 07, 2008 1:16 am

Just to Point out so there is no confusion.

Robot After All is a fan based website that is in no way endorsed or supported by Daft Punk.

Any material that may be seen as racial offensive or invasion of privacy will be removed.

All credits will be given to anyones work posted on here if and when possible, this includes images, songs, videos and quotes.

Unless otherwise stated the copyright and any other rights in the contents of this site, including all images, songs, videos, text and messages are owned by the Robot After All Group.

The Group grants permission to:

1. Download, display or print material for personal use or use within an individual organization and for non-commercial use only.

2. Create links to these pages.

3. Reproduce short extracts provided the source is stated and permission is granted by the Group.

Please contact the RAA Admin for permission

Please do not use the site if you don't agree with any of the above.

I'm dK Watch Out
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Legal Stuff
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